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そうきゅういんそあら です。多分「あぁコイツか」となる子がいると思いますので、誰か当ててみてくださいね。

This is a list of characters created with Call of Cthulhu so far.

As a side note, do you leave it to inspiration when coming up with names for your characters? Are you the type to research and add a lot?
I'm more of an inspired person, but I think about it every now and then.

By the way, the character with the longest name in this storage space 2 is "†Sokyuin Soara†".
Its meaning was a fabric that the ancestors of the Sky Temple could not speak of...
I don't know what that means. she's crazy
I'm sure some kids will say, "Oh, it's this girl," so please try to guess.