anime style,fan art,OC,nsfw


PLEASE NOTE!] INBOX me first before placing an order!

*****I'm not japanese***** Basic English

I will draw anime style, fan art, original character and nsfw

Hello there!
Welcome to my Art

Best Quality always for my Clients ^ w^)/
Only draw in my ART STYLE
I can draw a character based on:
- Original Character
- Anime Character
- Game Character
- Mascot/Stickers
- Fan-art
- Manga

I won't do:
- Difficult/Detailed Background/Building Background
- Muscular Body
- Problematic Content
- Cyborg/Mecha/Heavy Armor/Weapon (Semi-Armor still ok)
- Furry
- Animals

Delivery time: about 21day - 1 month
Resolution: 300-600(changeable)
Delivery formats: PNG, transparent PNG, CLIP STUDIO FORMAT File

[Price list]
◇ Above Bust up / Head 3000 yen
◇ Above Half body 5,000 yen
◇Whole Full body 7,000 yen
◇SD characters Full body 3,500 yen

◇Accessories (guns, animals, etc.) 250 yen
◇ Per difference in facial expressions 200 yen
◇Large things/things (cars, horses, etc.) ¥
2000 backgrounds 2,000 yen~ *
Creating a free light show

*Varies depending on the number of drawings.

・Purpose of use:
・Character's gender and personality:
・Clothing, eyes, hair color:
・Posture elements:
・Image size:
(3000×6000 unless otherwise specified)
・File format:
・Desired delivery date
・Other (differences, etc.):
▶︎If you are not sure Please leave this blank.
▶︎If you have reference documents

Nice to meet you, my name is JoEMi

I would like to take a look at the request that Mr. JoEMi is looking for and would like to suggest that you participate in the competition.
We will explain the contents of the proposal below, so please check it out.

[Details of finished product]
・Image size (px)
・File format (jpg, png, etc.)
・Resolution, dpi (for print or web)

[Production points]

If you are hired,
If you would like to adjust or modify the color, clothing, balance, etc., please feel free to contact us via message.

Other works are displayed in the gallery. Please check the profile for past achievements.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but we would appreciate it if you could take a look at this page and find it useful.

Thank you for your consideration.
横 3,000 px、 縦 6,000 px




  • anime style,fan art,OC,nsfw